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Fire Alarms

Cromwell Fire are specialists in the installation and commissioning of a range of fire alarm systems and components, ensuring your premises is fully protected in any eventuality. No matter what your environment, from a small office block to an industrial factory unit, you can rely on our professional assistance.


We are third party accredited BAFE for the design, installation and commissioning of fire alarms.

Control Panels

Our analogue  addressable and conventional control panels allow you to test and monitor the function of the entire system. It will alert you to any potential problems with the sounders or detectors so you can arrange repairs or servicing as necessary, maintaining your complete protection.

Open Protocol Control Panels

Our analogue  addressable and conventional control panels are open protocol.

Open protocol systems allow access into the system by any fire alarm company, so you are not resticted to the manufacturers list of companies..

Smoke & Heat Detectors

Allowing fires to be detected at the earliest possible time, our range of detectors are available for a range of applications ensuring comprehensive coverage. Combined with state of the art sounders and systems, heat and smoke detectors will make all occupants aware of the risk as soon as possible to coordinate effective evacuation.

Call Points

Our call points are addressed to each area of your premises and will allow occupants to raise the alarm manually, should they spot the signs of a fire before your detectors. Our specialists will assess your premises, ensuring you get the ideal amount of call points, installed in the most suitable locations for optimum protection.

Sounders & Beacons

Raising the alarm at the earliest opportunity, our sounders and beacons will make all occupants aware of the risk as soon as possible, allowing them to coordinate effective evacuation. We offer a variety of warning sounds and lights to indicate the level of risk, and accommodate noisy environments and disabled occupants.

Wireless Alarms

Our wireless or radio controlled fire alarm systems provide the utmost protection using state of the art technology to communicate between components. These are ideal where cabled alarms aren't suitable or can't be easily installed, allowing you advanced, industry approved protection.

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