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Fire Safety Training

Cromwell Fire offer a range of fire safety training courses to ensure you have the awareness and knowledge to protect yourself from fire, and respond accordingly, in a safe and rational manner should a fire break out.



Fire Warden or Fire Marshal Training

This 3½ hour course will ensure a thorough understanding of the responsibilities and legal requirements of a fire warden, including:

  • Testing and maintenance of fire equipment and systems

  • Live fire training and action in case of fire

  • Fire training requirements of all staff

  • Basic fire prevention arrangements and fire drills

  • Fire safety signs and records and registers




Fire Extinguisher Training

We offer either a simple 2 hour fire extinguisher training course, both of which will ensure your staff have the skills to adequately protect themselves in the event of a small fire. This will include live fire training and action in case of a fire, extinguisher methods and which type of extinguisher is most appropriate for each circumstance.




Fire Safety on Construction Sites

This 3 hour training course focusses on potential hazards that could present a risk on construction sites and general precautions, including:

  • Descriptions and uses of different fire extinguishers

  • Hot work control and the use of tar boilers

  • Use and storage of flammable liquids and gasses

  • Fire protective covering and sheeting

  • Action in case of fire

  • Fire safety signs and notices

We also deliver a range of Fire Safety Talks specifically for groups that previously have had no training, work in more hazardous environments or need specialised training. This includes training for small businesses such as garages, hotels or pubs and warehouses, awareness and safety training for groups of children, such as Scouts and Guides, as well as more independent organisations like babysitting groups.



The above courses are available on or off site.


Call Denise on 01487 823022 to book a course,

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