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Fire Risk Assessments


Cromwell Fire Offer free on site surveys  and advice on fire protection matters to competively priced detailed Fire Risk Assessments in accordance with the Fire Reform Order 2005.


Fire risk assessments are essential in any premises to ensure you can take the necessary precautionary steps to reduce the chances of fire breaking out. It must be carried out effectively by professionals to ensure the risks and consequences are evaluated effectively, in exhaustive detail. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order specifies exacting standards that must be met in order for the assessment to be deemed adequate.

Cromwell Fire have a fully trained team of professional risk assessors that will conduct a cost effective assessment and guide you through recommendations to maintain and increase your fire safety. Our results are accepted by the fire brigade and will be presented to you in an easy to understand format so you can undertake the required steps.

Simply give us a call to arrange your next fire risk assessment and you can rest assured that we will help you satisfy all your legal and contractual obligations.

IFE Registered Consultants

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