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Fire Extinguishers Service & Maintenance


It's essential that you have your fire extinguishers regularly serviced to maintain their full function, uphold your protection and adhere to your legal responsibilities.

Cromwell Fire offer a range of fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contracts that will inspect all your extinguishers and check they are fully functioning, so you can be sure they will work correctly in an emergency situation. Whether you want regular visits from our competent engineers or a more flexible contract to respond to your specific needs, we can tailor a maintenance service around you.

Every member of our team are BAFE approved for your complete peace of mind and so you can rest assured that your protection will always be prioritised. And all the inspections and services we carry out are done so in line with relevant legal guidelines and health and safety regulations, to ensure the highest standards of safety and workmanship.

On completion we will provide you with a certificate of inspection to evidence the work carried out.

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